Critical Comments on the article: “Platform of the Left Bloc In the Zuma Must Go Campaign” by Comrades Ahmed Jooma and Shaheen Khan


In this article John Appolis argues that Jooma and Khan’s critique of the Popular Front and the dangers of the working class being led a stray by monopoly capital and its adherents, they nevertheless advocate for the working class to be part of a front with a formation like Save SA. “The latter at best ignores the domination of the South African economy by monopoly capital, and overlooks the role played by both Zuma and Gordhan in entrenching this domination.”

The recall of (ex-president) Thabo Mbeki – its meaning and lessons


The recall of President Thabo Mbeki was not only unconstitutional in terms of the ANC constitution, it also revealed deep undemocratic tendencies within the ANC, and its tendency to ignore its own constituency when making important national decisions. This development will have negative implications for the ANC’s accountability as an organization.

Concerning the Current Situation

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In this article Chris Malikane argues that the struggle around the dismissal of Pravin Gordhan from the cabinet signals and important moment in the continuing South African revolution and provides progressive forces with an opportunity to do battle with white monopoly capital.

Cronin & Company Harness Marxism to the Service of White Monopoly Capital


In this article Oupa Lehulere argues that Cronin and his party comrades are using Marxism to defend the interests of white monopoly capital. Lehulere critiques their attack on Malikane and shows how their attack on Malikane is in defence of white monopoly capital. Lehulere further explore the theoretical and strategic errors of Malikane himself.

Zuma not worth our democracy


Wesson argues that a secret ballot in the vote of no confidence against Zuma will deepen corruption and open space for vote-buying. He called for mass based mobilization to force MPs to vote Zuma out in the open.

NUMSA and the crisis in South Africa today.


In this article Numsa traces the origins of the current political crisis, looks at the capitulation of the leadership of the ANC to white monopoly capital and provides an analysis of the struggle between Zuma and Pravin Gordhan. Numsa argues that this struggle is a case of two factions of the capitalist class struggling against each other.

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