Articles by John Appolis

Critical Comments on the article: “Platform of the Left Bloc In the Zuma Must Go Campaign” by Comrades Ahmed Jooma and Shaheen Khan


In this article John Appolis argues that Jooma and Khan’s critique of the Popular Front and the dangers of the working class being led a stray by monopoly capital and its adherents, they nevertheless advocate for the working class to be part of a front with a formation like Save SA. “The latter at best ignores the domination of the South African economy by monopoly capital, and overlooks the role played by both Zuma and Gordhan in entrenching this domination.”

Zimbabwe :The Unfinished Struggle


John Appolis* argues that control over the state is essential to capital accumulation for the black political elite in ZANU-PF. Strategies and tactics in the Zimbabwean struggle should be informed by such an understanding.

Social movements where are we now?


John Appolis* takes a look at the political development within the social movements, and argues for a process of theoretical clarification located within a process of struggle.