Regular Feature : Barometer of Anti-War Resistance

Date Country Details
09 November 2002 Italy More than half a million anti-war protesters from across Europe marched through Florence, Italy, with people coming from as far as Russia and Portugal, singing. “Take your war and go to hell” read one banner, in a forest of multi-coloured and multilingual placards. The protest was held on the last day of the European Social Forum, a four-day meeting of anti-globalisation campaigners from all over Europe.
1st January 2003 Japan The “Okinawa Friday Assembly” held a 10 day hunger strike in support of their members who were visiting Iraq. The group has been holding a weekly anti-war rally in front of the U.S. Consul General since October 2001.
09 january 2003 Mauritius Art exhibition against the war opens by Ledikasyon pu Travayer (Workers Education). 16 artists exhibited strong works against war paintings, sculptures and installations
12 January 2003 Morocco 2500 demonstrators burned US and Israeli flags in front of Rabat’s main train station.
15 January 2003 Mauritius During the second African Growth and Opportunities Act Forum, 33 political, union and social organizations got together to protest against the war and against conditions of AGOA. Thousands demonstrated in the capital city Port Louis. Lalit launched a book condemning the continued occupation of the Diego Garcia islands by the US as a military base, which are being used to launch B-52 attacks against Iraq.
18 January 2003 Egypt State security police arrested 11 activists participating in an anti-war demonstration in Cairo.
27 January 2003 South Africa Demonstration was held outside US embassy in Cape town
11 February 2003 Johannesburg, South Africa

The Anti-War Coalition targeted Exxon Mobil offices in Midrand. A popular worldwide anti-war slogan has been “Exxon – send in your own troops.”

12 February 2003 United States

Anti-War action groups began making plans for what to do when war breaks out. In San Francisco, “Black Blocs” were formed to go on a rampage when war breaks out and plans for strikes and stay-aways were made.

15 February 2003 International The biggest worldwide protests were held, with over 10 million people marching against the war from about 40 different countries. Tens of thousands marched in

Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. In Spain, 10% of the population marched with polls later showing that only 2% of Spain supported a war. In France, anti-war rallies were organized in 72 towns by a coalition of 75 organisations. In the Antarctic, protests were held at five bases. In South America, over 1 million people protested. In New Zealand, protestors marched on the prime minister’s house chanting: “Send the MPs off to war. Give their houses to the poor!” In Ireland, over 100 thousand people took to the streets in Dublin, with placards reading “Down with this sort of thing”. 15 000 Palestinians took to the streets in the Gaza Strip. One million people marched against war in London. Protestors in Greece, Tunisia and the United States were beaten with batons, teargassed, maced or stomped on by police-driven horses, with Indymedias around the world taking video evidence of police brutality.

15 February 2003 San Frasisco, Unites States

200 000 showed up in force to have another march against the war.

19 February 2003 Middle East

Palestinians and Israelis protested in Tel Aviv, while thousands protested in Lebanon.

21 February 2003 Los Angeles, United States Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution opposing war against Iraq, becoming the country’s largest city to oppose such a war, joining more than 100 other cities and counties including Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit. 300 anti-war demonstrators came to City Hall to support the motion.
21 February


Kenya Protests were held in the capital city, Nairobi, by hundreds of activists, some of whom are also going as human shields to Iraq.
21 February 2003 Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium Hundreds of activists began “Train Stopping” after Italian Defence Minister guaranteed the use of public infrastructures for US transport without the necessary approval of the parliament. The anti-war movement tried to block 26 convoys on their way to the Camp Darby military base near Pisa. The Dockworkers Union announced that they will not load military equipment on the ships. At Magdalena Isle near Sardinia, 1000 activists were roughly cleared out by police for interfering with ships. Greenpeace blocked a military ship from leaving Rotterdam port.
22 February 2003 Iraq-Kuwait Border The Iraq Peace Team of international activists set up a camp in the Demilitarized Zone along the Iraq—Kuwait border, across which 90,000 U.S. troops are ready to advance.

24th February  2003

Baghdad, Iraq

Human shields from all over the world began arriving by land, bus and plane in Iraq to protect hospitals, water plants and other essential services. Indymedia Norway activists condemned the capitalist press propaganda that human shields were scared and wanting to go home. The “human shields” in Baghdad staged a protest outside the international press center with banners saying “Stop The Lies”.
25 February 2003 Netherlands On 25 February, the anniversary of the first national strike against the deportation of Jews in 1941, 20 protests, including a blockade of a US military command office, were held.
25 February 2003 United States Military Veterans for Peace protested. Many of them served in the 1991 Gulf War. Some active duty soldiers are refusing to be deployed to the Gulf region. Instead they have united with Veterans for Peace to form a 250 person Human Shield group.
01 March 2003 Ireland Companies stop using Shannon Airport for military transports (Shannon was one of the major bases for the US to fly soldiers and material to the Middle East). Previously, thousands of protestors tried to occupy the airport which is now protected by a newlyerected razorwire fence
01 March 2003 Ankara, Turkey Crying “yankee go home,” 100 000 demonstators protested in the Turkish capital while their parliament was debating whether the United States could use Turkey as a base for its planned attack on Iraq – the majority voted against! The Turkish Anti-War Platform presented a petition against war with a million signatures to the parliament.
05 March 2003 United States, England, Canada, Australia Hundreds of thousands of high school and university students held a nationwide student strike, under the slogan, “Books not bombs’. Students held workshops where participants were blindfolded and interrogated about their political activities, to give them a small taste of what government harassment might be like. Students in many towns had previously held walk-outs and boycotts against the war.
08 March 2003 United States, South Africa, England Thousands protested against the war on International Womens’ Day. 20 people were arrested in Gloucestershire, England after they broke into a base and ran in front of military jets, delaying their departure for Iraq. The new British Terrorism Act is being used against activists.
09 March 2003 Los Angeles, United States & Brussels On Sunday, March 9, 2003, a couple thousand compañeros and compañeras marched through the center of East LA to protest Bush’s War on Iraq. The event was organized by Latinos Against the War. In Brussels, 3000 dockworkers marched against the war.
12 March 2003 Global A global initiative by the Baghdad Snapshot Action Crew to paste pictures of happy Iraqis all over public spaces, took off with anonymous wedding pictures being plastered around Tokyo and Warsaw, and photos of children playing being pasted on lampposts in Berlin, Melbourne and the United States
14 March 2003 Johannesburg, South Africa A protest was held outside the state’s arms manufacturer, Denel, which is making guided missile components for the US. Despite the government’s anti-war stance, the head of the arms committee said that the US and England “meet all the criteria” of countries that its okay to do arms deals with
15 March 2003 Enland Activist Ulla Roda entered a military base and smashed at a Tornado fighter plane with a hammer, making it unable to fly.
16 March 2003 Greece 500 anarchists blockaded the street from the navy base to the air base for two days. On Sunday, the left parties organized a demonstration towards one of the gates at the base. More than a thousand people passed through the anarchist’s blockade and moved towards the base where the police violently beat the demonstrators and used tear gas to get rid of the stone throwing crowd.

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