21 March 2003

The PSI Regional Executive Committee for Africa and Arab countries met in Cairo from 19-21 march 2003. We met in the Middle East in solidarity with the people of Palestine and Iraq. We therefore unconditionally denounce and condemn with millions of people around the world the war against the people of Iraq, especially women and children. This war, led by the US and its allies, is blatant US aggression against innocent people to consolidate US strategic (oil) interests in Iraq and the Middle East. For this reason the US continues to support the Israeli regime and is responsible for the violence and aggression against the Palestinian people. Hence the continuing conflict in the Middle East. The repressive Saddam Hussein regime is a matter for the Iraqi people to resolve. This military aggression is part of neoliberal globalisation and imperialist competition, to boost declining economies and increase profits. The war will assist the US armaments industry, US corporations and oil companies owned by the Bush family and friends. We are opposed to war. All wars affect mainly the poor. War promotes racism, xenophobia and violence especially against women and children. The working people and the poor are the main victims of wars of conquest and plunder. We therefore strongly align ourselves in solidarity with millions of people all over the world who have actively demonstrated against war, whether led by the US or the UN. We commit ourselves to mobilise our members in Africa, and the world and demand:

  1. Stop the US war against Iraq immediately.
  1. The immediate withdrawal of all US/allied troops in the Middle East.
  1. The immediate lifting of sanctions against Iraq. Since 1990, 1.5 million people (500 000 children) have died as a result of these sanctions. The Iraqi people have a right to life!
  1. Freedom and a just peace for the Palestinian people.
  1. An end to neoliberal policies that have impoverished millions of people and have led to wars, landless- ness, death and destruction. In this we also pledge solidarity with working people in the (US and else- where), whose trade union rights are being eroded by the Bush regime.

Stop the War no Blood for Oil!

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