Winter school 2011: participants’ comments – August 28, 2011

KC JOURNAL NO 28 August 2011

l I will never give up on Khanya College it taught me well and I commit myself to use the experience/ knowledge and skills.

l I want to spread the message of the Khanya Winter School.

l My commitment is to fight for the human rights in our community.

l My aim is to build my community and to organise with other communities to form one nation and to share our problems with everyone.

l I will keep my word to bring change to my country.

l I’m committed to come together, to unite, to join hands and work out our problems.

l I will support any reasonable manifestation that takes place in my community.

l I will do all the best to keep the light of resistance.

l My commitment to renew/ rebuild the resistance movement in my country:

l Be Genuine. Be Pure and Real. Be Loving and caring.

l My commitment is to build the social movements and unite with other comrades.

l I commit to resistance and to self-analysis each an every second.

l My commitment is to renew and to rebuild the resistance in my country. I have been empowered and inspired by the support we received from this Winter School.

l My commitment is to renew and rebuild resistance and to stand up for the people that are badly treated in all countries. We need to ensure that we get our new constitution in Zimbabwe and that all dictators step down.

 _I’ve learnt a lot in the Winter School. That was great.

l I would like thank Khanya College for improving my knowledge that will help my community. The banner workshop and community volunteers network helped me.

l I just want to start today to explore, to reach out and to educate the community.

l I will increase my efforts to consolidate the BALULEKA! Youth Network with creativity and memory as tools to mobilise their school community

l To have one cultural platform in Southern Africa and make it work.

l I need to spread the knowledge I got and network with others who are abused like me.

l To build workers knowledge of their rights, to mobilise workers, and to be part of the marginalised workers movement.

l I swear to do all I can to keep my network alive.

l I really appreciate the most important work that Khanya College has done in this winter school. I strongly state that from today I am going to spread the good information to my community. Thank you. Mpho Mphale.

l Africa we are one. Let’s share knowledge and make the best of Africa.

l I will keep and practice everything I have learned (or I gained) and will share it with my community.

l I have been inspired, energised and I believe I will approach things differently.

l I commit myself to be a responsible cultural activist and to strength my comrades. I want to make a change in my community by mobilising the youth to bring social change.

l Build solidarity in action with other networks and organisations in the SADC region and beyond!

l I will educate and encourage people to come to Khanya College to reclaim our power, to build their organisations and to become involved in decision-making and sharing a common vision.

l I would like to thank Khanya College for their support. I have learnt about the crisis in our SADC Region. I will share with my community so that people live without fear of anybody.

l My commitment is to tell my community about the Winter School and to encourage them to do something to change the situation.

l My commitment is to strengthen the network I’m a part of it, it’s wonderful, I learnt a lot.

l I’m going to organise youth to attend the Winter School.

l People are aware of the existence of Khanya College.

l From what I have learnt in this network my aim is to implement these tactics in the organisations and the community that I belong to.

l I will ensure that I work hard to inspire the upcoming generation on how important it is to know their culture.

l _Revitalise the spirit of the cultural warrior through energy fusion in the network.

l _Be united to strengthen the network. Let’s mobilise and organise people outside the network.

l _Consult the network on FB to become a member of KAIROS SA.

l _I commit to help raise consciousness to achieve our aims and objectives and to work with other organisations for the betterment of our communities and mankind as a whole.

l _I will write stories about my Community.

 _I really want to start and introduce Kairos to students.

l I want to make sure that I will spread the word about the faith based network, so that people will know how to act when they are oppressed.

l I will promote better administration within the network in order to strengthen it.

l My commitment is to create a successful museum day with other community activist.

l I’m going to make sure that I network with all the people and communicate with my community and teach them to network to get power.

l My commitment is to strengthen the network. I’m going to take what I have learned and implement it since this was an eye-opener for me. Thanks Khanya

l Time was too short nice to share with other people.

l _Very nice time in the Winter School. Please, next time have more time for the resistance network. I would like to come again to share different ideas.

l Do you have a follow up with participants about what you have taught them?

l Issue participants with certificates of attendance. Develop a website that promotes activities of the Winter School.

l I like to say Phambili Khanya College Phambili. Working together we can do more, thanks for the workshops it’s been beneficial.

l Visit our areas to see that we are using the information that you gave us. Evaluate reports from all the participating organisation.

l The winter school was so interesting I hope back in the future.

l Need more time for workshop on Skills. Can computer literacy be considered next year. Circulate data base of young journalists to CBO’S who attended so that they can cover activities.

l Build alliances -Solidarity with other struggles.

l I suggest that next year we don’t raise ideas but we plan an action to show solidarity and togetherness.

l Popular education needs lots of preparation of facilitators with skills to stimulate discussion and critical debate. Its not tricks to keep people busy.

l I think that we need to have some time to give each organisation at the winter school the opportunity to share their views and experiences of their respective country.

l This winter school must be all over the country. The Winter School is a good place to communicate with each other about our gaols and achievements.

l It is human nature to be motivated during the workshops but lapse as soon as the workshop is over. How does Khanya College help to keep the inspiration going on?

l Building relationships with progressive organisations to fight against capitalism, I will engage myself 100% to fight against this.

l _Create safe spaces where people feel free to debate and question.

l _Work flat out to ensure a new constitution and a new government in Zimbabwe by 2012.

l _My commitment to renew/rebuild the resistance movement in my country. I am the man on the spot to start the ball rolling, if anyone joins me, they are most welcome.

l _To teach comrades about democracy and to teach them to have self-esteem.

l _Leaders who do not respect the people who put them into power, should not lead the people. Support!!! Support!!!

l _Mobilise community support groups.

 _To fight until what we struggled for is achieved

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