KC JOURNAL NO 28 August 2011 – The Inner-city students’ theatre sketches on environment – August 28, 2011

KC JOURNAL NO 28 August 2011

Bongani Maponyane* reports.

Students from the inner city schools in Johannesburg attended the Theatre and Environment workshop held at Museum Africa in Newtown. This was part of the NGO Fair which was part of the Khanya Winter School. The inter-active theatre was facilitated by Manya Gittel and students were given the opportunity to participate in demonstrative theatre plays.

The plays demonstrated the effects of climate change on the environment. Students got to demonstrate what they thought were the problems caused by climate change. The plays conveyed clear messages to the audience about what climate change is doing and what is to come. The students tapped into themes like water preservation, air pollution and energy-saving.

Gittel explained inter-active theatre as: “A situation is played out on stage and the audience is given a chance to participate and show how they would handle that same situation but in their own way,” she explained.

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