The banner will talk for you: Dannelton Mudengezi’s story – August 28, 2011

KC JOURNAL NO 28 August 2011

Cleopatra Shezi* reports.

The banner-making workshop highlighted the importance of banner-making as the means to improve the skill to attract viewers to what is written on the banner. The facilitator, Ayanda, emphasised the importance of the message written on the banner, and that it must be powerful to attract the public on specific issues the community might face.

Dannelton Mudengezi is a physically disabled man who likes to work hard for a living. He comes from the Vukuzenzele Academy, which consists of twelve disabled members. Dannelton is part of the fund-raising team and would like to use the banner-making skill to advertise Vukuzenzele’s fundraising needs. “The role of the banner is very important because you don’t want to talk – the banner will talk for you,” he says. Dannelton adds that Khanya College has provided a space for many organisations that would not normally express themselves through banner-making. “We will now be alerting our people (and our opponents) about the issues we are currently fighting for.

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