Marginalised women advance! – August 28, 2011

KC JOURNAL NO 28 August 2011

Marcia Moyane* reports on the Marginalised women’s network for resistance.

The Network of Marginalised Women Workers held their second workshop on the 3-4 August at the Khanya Winter School, in Johannesburg. Amongst the network there were sex workers, farmworkers and home based care workers. This was the largest network at the School, with about 48 women.

The women discussed their similarities as women workers, why they were not in organised into trade unions, and the alternatives they had. They also discussed what goals they wanted to achieve together and what actions they could take to achieve these goals.

The similarities that the women shared was that they had no job security (they could lose their jobs at any time), they were outside of traditional trade unions, the government was failing them by not recognising the work that they do. The women have low education levels, they were vulnerable to abuse and harassment by employers, they got low wages, and were not well-informed about their rights as workers.

By the end of the workshop the women had come up with ways that they could use to achieve their goals. They all agreed that they needed to strengthen their organisations, get more women involved and build their movement.

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