Barometer of Struggles

Date City & Country Event Bosses or Govt involved Organisation Involved Deatils
04 November 2002 Eas Londo, South Africa Pensioners queue for food credit All Pay privatized pension schemes and Anc mooiplaas pensioners After the private company failed to pay pensioners on time, the pensioners had to queue at a wholesaler for food credit. “This whole mess-up leaves me with outstanding debts and a hungry family,” said one pensioner.
05 November 2002 Rustenburg, North West, South Africa Denial of a House Anc Elizabeth Bafeti of Rustenburg in North West A poor couple who built a house out of corrugated iron were denied a government-supplied house because the government said their home is too nice.
05 November 2002 East London, South Africa Pensioners trampled at pay point All-Pay privatized pension schemes and Anc Pensioners Pensioners were beaten with rifle butts and punched by security guards. A 64-year-old epileptic sufferer, Eunice Cumming, was treated at a clinic after passing out when a security guard fired a shot in the air.
06 November 2002 Tembelihle, South Africa Protest march against landlessness Anc thembelihle Landless Peoples Movement (LPM) LPM held a return march to Gauteng Premier Mbhazima Shilowa to demand an end to forced removals. Again the Premier failed to avail himself.
09 November 2002 Wakkertroom, South Africa Protest march against racism Farmer Ben Van Zyl Landless Peoples movement (LPM) LPM Mpumalanga led a march to Wakkerstroom farm of racist and abusive farmer Ben van Zyl. The LPM informed van Zyl of its call on the government to take back the land of abusive farmers, and gave him a deadline to desist or leave.
11 November 2002 Enraged residents of Dunbar, Cato Manor, South Africa March against high rates and repossessions of funiture Anc  Shayamoya Flats residents Residents marched on council against the expensive “low cost” housing where rates of R750 are demanded. Earlier furniture and other goods were repossessed from those who had lost their jobs and were unable to pay their rates. Residents only receive help if they have an ANC card.
11 November 2002 Mauritius Proposal for common front against privatization Government of Mauritius General workers federation proposes other federations Privatization, which had been slowed down for years by the unions and left party Lalit, is now accelerating in telecom, post, electricity, health, education, water, pensions. Until now opposed by some union leaderships who prefer a free hand to negotiate with potential private sector buyers, so as to ensure better work conditions for the sector.
20 November 2002 windhoek, Namibia Protest against evictions, water and electricity cut offs Windhoek City Council Pensioners 250 pensioners marched for the scrapping of water, electricity and rental arrears of pensioners and an investigation into white lawyers who repossess the houses. Pensioners demanded that the social grant of senior citizens be increased. “For how long will the new Namibia lead us with these Apartheid, colonial laws?” protestors asked. Pensioner Elias Afrikaner’s water and electricity was disconnected eight years ago. He now buys water from his neighbours.
21 November 2002 Lusaka, Zambia Protests against evictions Zambia Episcopal Conference Ng’ombe squatters, Fox Dale farm no. 610 Protests were held by the squatters against the Catholic church for going to court and obtaining an order to evict squatters from their land.
21 November 2002 Armadale Pace, Joburg, South Afica Evictions Red Ants Residence of Armadale Place, Inner City 2000 residents, including mothers and their babies, had to sleep in the open after being evicted without warning. Red Ants were captured on TV stealing people’s clothes. Tenants are being held responsible for their landlord’s R2 million arrears. Some had just paid rent five days before.
 21 November 2002  Mauritius Threat of Strike Central Electricity Board Union of employees of central Electricity Board

The CEB signed secret agreements with Independent Power Producers, who produce electricity at a higher price on the sugar estates and sell it to the CEB. The union wants publication of agreement.

 21 November 2002  Nigeria Strike Nigerian Railway corporation (NRC) Workers A 3 month strike began by workers who were unpaid for eight months. Workers blocked railway tracks with rail wagons.
  21 November 2002 Durban, South Africa Feeding Scheme threaten protest Department of Health 50 School Feeding Scheme Suppliers Most suppliers to the 473 schools in the Durban and Ilembe districts have not been paid since October.
  26 November 2002 Johannesburg, South Africa Anti-Eviction mobilisation Anc Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF) Residents of Armadale Place and APF held a mass meeting to protest against evictions at Armadale Place and to mobilise residents facing eviction from another 21 buildings.
 27 November 2002 Lohatla,Northern Cape, South Africa Land Occupation Anc Landless peoples Movement 200 Lohatla land restitution claimants staged a partial occupation and demonstration at the Lohatla Army Battle School in the Northern Cape. 60 were arrested by the army, but continued their protest upon their release. The occupation of adjacent land continued until the date of going to press.
 27 November 2002 Mandela park, South Africa Anti-Eviction Campaign hauled before court Anc Mandela Park Anti-Eviction Campaign Trial of anti-eviction activists who in July 2002 prevented police from repossessing belongings of a woman who owed the council money for a water bill, was again remanded. Members interdicted by the banks still living under very harsh bail conditions and must appear for a case of ‘contempt of court’ and ‘intimidation’.
 29 November 2002 East London, South Africa  Pensioners disappointed by private company All-Pay privatised pension payers Hundreds of Pensioners Pensioners were turned away without receiving their grants. Angry residents who arrived in the early hours of the morning, went home empty-handed. The private company had changed the venue without informing pensioners.
 01 December 2002 Harare, Zimbabwe Arrested for protesting Police National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) 29 civil rights activists were arrested for protesting in favour of a new constitution. Demonstrations without police permission are illegal, yet permission is never granted.
 01 December 2002  Protea South, South Africa World aids Day Rally South African Government Landless peoples Movement LPM launched the “Fight HIV/AIDS: Land! Food! Jobs!” campaign. About 3500-4000 people attended the rally.
 05 December 2002 Zambia privatisation of the Zambia National Commercial Bank (ZNCB) IMF Federation of Free Trade Unions of Zambia (FFTUZ); Zambia Congress of Trade Unions, churches, student bodies, Mine Workers Union FFTUZ threatened a strike after they were denied a permit to protest against the IMF’s instruction to the Zambian government to privatise the bank. Zambia will be excluded from $1 billion worth of relief unless it privatises the bank. The people are against privatisation, which in the case of copper mining has led to ghost towns. Privatisation of over 200 companies has brought very high levels of unemployment. Other complaints were that transnational banks are racist and don’t lend to black people. Police later granted the permit.
 08 December 2002 Durban, South Africa landless Youth Camp ANC Landless people Movement Gauteng LPM Gauteng Youth held a weeklong camp and on 12 December joined forces with the Durbanbased Concerned Citizens Forum (CCF) for a joint protest against the Durban Metro Council’s eviction policies. Also included visits to several CCF communities, and a joint cultural evening.
 09 December 2002 Sebokeng, South Africa Electricity cut offs Eskom 7000 residents of the Kwa Masiza Hostel Electricity cut offs although residents have paid and have proof that the money was paid to the landlord’s agents. Allegations have been made that the money was not forwarded to Eskom
 10 December 2002 Johannesburg, South Africa Charges Dropped against Anti privatisation Forum affiliate ANC 93 members of Soldiers Forum All charges dropped against the soldiers from mid-August when they were arrested for trying to make their way to a protest march on parliament. While in prison, they were subjected to attacks by police, teargassing, baton beatings and being shot at with rubber bullets and faced onerous bail conditions and harassment by state forces after their release.
 11 December 2002 Johannesburg, South Africa Eviction High Court Anti Privatisation Forum (APF) Appeal of residents of Milton Court and Junel Court against the eviction order was denied. Residents immediately mobilized to meet the sheriff and Red Ants.
 13 December 2002 Durban Protest ANC Concerned Citizens Forum and Landless Peoples Movement Hundreds of urban and the rural, the landless and the evicted, the African, coloured and Indian poor jostled to get to the throat of the ANC appointed City Manager, Mike Sutcliffe. This man wants to relocate tens of thousands of the poor to toilet homes far away from the city. People then packed off to a hall in Chatsworth for music, dancing, stories and politics.
13 December 2002 Johannesburg, South Africa Evictions ANC Council and the Police APF Council identified the New Nation building and 80 other buildings for eviction on the grounds that they are unfit for human habitation.
 23 December 2002 Mauritius Go slow strike All civil Service unions had been making demands Government of Mauritius Public sector workers won 5% after a go slow where they protested that teachers had received 5% but they had not. This wage increase granted prior to 2-yearly wage revision due 2003. With the AGOA Forum, the Government is believed to have announced this increase as from January in order to temper anger in the public sector.
1 January 2002 Johannesburg, South Africa Hunger Strike ANC and Drug Multinational National Association of people living with HIV/AIDS
About 20 activists began a hunger strike which lasted about 5 days, during which they camped in a tent outside Glaxo Wellcome. The protest ended after activists attempted to storm the offices.
6 January 2003 Sebokeng, South Africa Evictions Red Ants 7000 residents of the Kwa-Masiza Hostel Residents, some single parent families with small children, were evicted but resisted.
8 January 2003 Kampala, Uganda Protest against lack of water World Bank 2400 waterless people Protest by 2400 who share four water taps and two public toilets paying to use the toilets. Construction or use of personal toilets barred by council. Slum dwellers in Kibera pay ten times more for 1000 litres of water than nearby rich families. People were left without income after fruit juice selling was banned due to cholera, and are now forced to sell grasshoppers instead. 440 children die every week in Uganda because of water diseases. Government currently privatising.
 10 January 2003  Mauritius Protesters win right to demonstrate against AGOA Police Commissioner 33 organisations in platform Against War and Against AGOA conditions Supreme Court overturns police chief prohibition of anti-war and anti-AGOA conditions demonstration. Previously, the notorious Public Gathering Act prohibited demonstrations unless police are informed. The judgement is historically important in that it changes the balance of forces against the police. Social movements and unions united against AGOA.
 10 January 2003 Newcastle, KZN, South Africa Police Attack civillians with their dogs Police Bonginkosi Shabangu and Phumlani Ntshangase Police dogs ripped the flesh of two men to the bone, after cops accosted the men, charging them falsely with robbery. The men were forced to overnight in jail before being released on bail. They were then admitted to hospital after wounds turned septic.
 13 January 2003 Orange Farm, South Africa Protest against Evictions ANC Anti privatisation Forum (APF) and the Orange Farm Water crisis Committee Residents of Drieziek in Orange Farm in Gauteng marched against evictions.
 13 January 2003  Mauritius Highway blockage Government Association Transport Malere 50 illegal taxis belonging to the Association of those providing transport for the poor, held a “snail-pace” demonstration blocking the highway, against unfair license-granting, and against police harassment for illegal taxis.
14 January 2003  Dinokana near Zeerust, In the North West Residence to water cuts Botshelo water Board (BWB) Community Villagers vented their frustrations by barricading the N4 Platinum road with burning tyres and stones, after their water was cut off. The action disrupted the flow of traffic between South Africa and neighbouring Mozambique.
 14 January 2003 Johannesburg, South Africa Eviction ANC 100 Tenants 100 people were evicted from the Philani Medical Centre building, which was turned into a residential complex after it was illegally rented to people by a bogus landlord. Tenants had been paying up to R1000 per month for a room.
 14 January 2003 Cape Flats, South Africa Gnawed to death by rats ANC Poorest, frail and sick people on the Cape Flats Killer rats the size of full-grown cats found to be preying on Manenberg’s poorest, frail and sick people. Agmat Fischer, 41, confined to bed with lung cancer died after a weekend of being eaten by rats. The Council blamed the victims, saying that people are “generally filthy” and urging them to live cleanly.
 15 January 2003 Mauritius Workers win Battle Development works corporation and Mauritian Government Construction & Allied Workers Unnion First major mass movement against privatization and casualisation began in 1987 when these 800 workers built up a movement culminating in the 1992 strike, which led to their sackings and a long movement for damages.800 construction workers finally paid damages after long court action they brought against illegal sacking after 1992 strike.
 16 January 2003 Khayelitsha, South Africa Police Pepper spray Anti-Eviction Campaign members State Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign Municipal police used pepper spray to disperse 100 protestors at the Khayelitsha Magistrate’s Court, elderly woman hospitalised. Police hoped to arrest key activists Max Ntanyana and Fonkey Qoboza for breaking an interdict brought magainst them by 5 banks but comrades spirited them away.
 20 January 2003 Mauritius Worker protest against being fired Winbright Ltd (ex United Apparel) Mauritius Trade Union Congress Workers receive letter saying “As from Tuesday 21 January please do not come to the factory. You will be paid your compensation in due course.” 250 workers, mainly women, came from L’Escalier village where their factory was closed for street demonstration in capital
 22 January 2003 Johannesburg, South Africa Anti-Privatisation Activists on trial ANC Anti-Privatisation Forum The almost year long case against activists who disconnected the Mayor of Johannesburg’s water was heard, revealing that the entire case has, from the beginning, been driven by the ANC government’s political agenda against grassroots activists opposed to its cynical, anti-poor policies. Judgement was reserved for 5th March 2003.
 23 January 2003 Mauritius Prison Mutiny Mauritian Prison authorities Prisoners of Beau Basin Prison In protest at beating up of fellow prisoner, prisoners refused to go back into cells after dinner and threw food bowls and other objects at guards. Riot police quelled mutiny around midnight.
 24 January 2003 Zambia Strike Zambian government Workers at Shabanie and Mashava Mines Strike for 40 percent cost of living adjustment and a 150 percent salary increase started. Five workers’ union leaders at Shabanie Mine in Zvishavane were suspended one month later for allegedly inciting workers to go on strike.
25 January 2003 Eikenhof informal settlement, Johannesburg, South Africa Prevention of Evictions Red Ants and Police Landless Peoples movement Residents and the LPM defended homes against a surprise invasion by the notorious Red Ants who arrived to conduct “voluntary removals” at gunpoint. The Red Ants and police fired rubber bullets, arresting three and injuring five.
 28 January 2003 Mauritius Forced repatriation to china of Women workers  Richfield Textiles Ltd Workers from China on contract in free Zone 29 free zone workers were forcibly repatriated. About 100 women on strike claiming compensation for burnt down hostel; they sequestrated three supervisors.
 30 January 2003 Mauritiua Hotel burnt down La Croix du Sud Hotel Anti capitalists “The fishermen in the vicinity” are candidates being informally accused of arson; this accusation highlights the ongoing conflict between fishermen’s livelihood and continued hotel expansion. In fact there have been seven bad hotel fires in the last year. Same hotel badly ravaged by fire for third time in four months
 31 January 2003 Zimbabwe Strike Central African Building Society (CABS) Hundreds of CABS workers The strike followed the suspension of the society’s workers committee. Workers accused bosses of nepotism and corruption. Workers lost three days pay.
 03 February 2003 Eikenhof, Johannesburg, South Africa Residents ventanger after forced removal ANC Eikenhof residents

Barricaded the R554 along the

Golden Highway with trees and

burning tyres and stoned motorists

after being forcibly removed from

nearby Vlakfontein.

03 February 2003 Khayelitsha, South Africa Residents start own school ANC Western Cape Anti-EvictionC Campaign Community Centre transformed into People’s Power Secondary School for 1700 pupils and 15 unemployed teachers excluded from other schools and jobs. The ANC tried to prevent pupils from registering, saying they would build another school after 10 months.
 04 February 2003 South Africa Strike Threatened Steel giant Iscor National union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) Numsa threatened a strike against outsourcing of security services and transport. Union also demands written guarantee that restructuring will not lead to job losses.
 04 february 2003 Eikenhof informal settlement, Johannesburg, South Africa  Prevention of Evictions Red Ants and Police Landless Peoples Movement Red Ants returned to terrorise the community with more rubber bullets, live ammunition and tear gas. The next day, more than 800 LPM Eikenhof members, supported by other branches, marched to the Johannesburg Mayor’s office.
 06 February 2002 Accra, Ghana Strike Government Workers of Accra District Council of labour A strike was held against low minimum wage but cancelled after three hours.
 10 February 2003 Mauritius Night Vigil against deaths of people in police cells Minister of justice and Humani Rights and Director of public Prosecutions Muvman Liberasyon Fam (Women’s Liberation movement) and the widow of kaya Death in police custody of Kaya (famous reggae musician found dead in police cells in 1999) led to the biggest street rebellion when 12 police stations were destroyed and the prison opened up from outside. No prosecution yet but movement demanding prosecutions for this and all police cell deaths. Monthly night vigil held by women, this month at Alcatraz, high security police cells in Port Louis.
 11 February 2003 Amaoti, inanda, KZN, South Africa City Official hostage over lack of water ANC Women in the Libya and Palestine areas of Amaoti (a peri-urban area in Inanda on the outskirts of Durban) Women paying very high rates for water held a councillor hostage after water delivery was outsourced to a transporter who is paid for bringing water to locked standpipes (pay to open). The Councillor first told residents “Yes, there might be a policy of 6kl of free water to all households, but that doesn’t mean that you, in an informal settlement, will get this” but after a few hours agreed to give the women the hated key to the locked standpipes. Water will now flow freely in Amaoti.
 14 february 2003 Cape Town, South Africa Eviction ANC/DA Council District Six squatters The City of Cape Town was granted an eviction order to remove eight families squatting in District Six. Another 20 families are likely to be moved to Delft. The squatters have been frequently threatened by their petit-bourgeois neighbours.
 14 February 2003 Zimbabwe Arrest of protestors Mugabe regime Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) and journalists 72 demonstrators, mostly women who were marching for peace and love in Harare and Bulawayo were arrested by the riot police. Seven journalists covering the Harare march were detained briefly.
14 february 2003 Protea South, South Africa March against Red Ants and Evictions ANC Landless Peoples Movement 1000 members marched to the office of their regional councillor to demand an explanation for the sudden appearance of Red Ants in their community. The LPM Protea South branch had been threatened with forced removal after supporting the Eikenhof community’s resistance.
 16 February 2003 Mpumalanga Strike Education Department Teachers 21 teachers of the Joseph Matsebula High School in Driekoppies went on strike in protest against the ‘dubious’ appointment of a new principal after the school and the department’s failure to hire more teachers.
 16 February 2003 Nigeria Student Solidarity with teachers strike Government Hundreds of Students Students stormed National Assembly premises in solidarity with teachers who were on strike since December, condemning hypocrisy of government officials who train their children abroad and destroy the education system through bad policies. Students demanded 26 percent of the budget for education and implementation of agreements reached with unions.
 17 February 2003 Khmasdal, Windhoek, Namibia Evictions halted Nojuma Regime 30Desitute tenants The city temporarily halted controversial plans to evict 30 destitute tenants from ghettoes which council had failed to maintain
17 February 2003  Vrygrond, Cape Town,South Africa Threatened Eviction ANC Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign Council evicted two families to a tiny area of sand next to Philemon Road, already occupied by a person who is engaged in a legal battle with the council to stay in the area. The families decided to live together for now in solidarity.
18 February 2003 Mauritius Street protest Government of Mauritius Government general Services Union 60 Housing Ministry staff protested against victimisation following land scandals involving Minister of Housing who had to resign.
19 February 2003 Kenya NGO’s assisting workers threatened by government Government Workers in the Export processing Zone (EPZ) The Acting Labour Minister blamed NGO’s for a wave of strikes in the EPZ’s and said they would be “rounded up and charged”. Earlier, EPZ workers rioted and destroyed property worth millions, demanding a minimum wage for workers in the flower industry and higher wages in the EPZ’s. Workers set upon and injured management. Viva!
20 February 2003 Modderklip Farm in the East rand Court order to evict Pretoria high court 40 000 The Pretoria High Court turned down the government’s leave to appeal against the judgement ordering it to evict the squatters. The state is reluctant to evict since the ruling will compel it to provide housing for anyone evicted from the farm.
20 February 2003 Mauritius Pork blockade Ministry of Fischeries Fischermen Fischermen seeks
21 February 2003 Mauritius Threat of Industrial action Ministry of Education Primary School Inspectors Union Scheme of Duties not being respected; extra work with no extra pay.
 23 February 2003 Mount Fletcher, Eastern Cape, South Africa Deaths of pensioners Cash paymaster services Two Pensioners Two pensioners died while waiting for many hours to get their pensions at the privatized pension payout point
 23 Febriary 2003 Mauritius Strike vote taken at assembly Private secondary schools Authority (which pays teachers) Union of private Secondary School Teachers Strike action envisaged because of threat of job-losses through school closures and for cut in usual wage hike for new qualifications. Members accuse union leaders of being soft on Minister who is in same political party (MMM).

23 February 2003

 Kenya EPZ closes down Federation of Kenya Employers and the Ministry  of Labour Tailors and textile Workers Union The Altex EPZ closed down, allegedly because of too many strikes. Workers at Silpak Industries Limited went on strike, after four of their colleagues had died at work due to poor working conditions. Workers and media banned from entering the compound.
24 February 2003 Zimbabwe Govt punishes striking workers Mugabe Regime Progressive Teachers Union (PTUZ) 625 teachers who participated in a previous strike threatened with transfers to remote and politically volatile areas. Teachers face no promotion until 2005.
 24 February 2003 Mauritius Candlelight Vigil Stylish Knits Ltd Lalit Militants from Pamplemousses neighbourhood active. Three sweatshop factories employing 200 workers closed through bankruptcy of owners. All night candle-light vigil of 50 free zone women workers in factory in Pamplemousses. The factory suddenly closed down the same day when boss absconded to Hong Kong.
 25 February 2003 Durban, South Africa Shopsteward and dockworker murdered; massive dockworker retrenchment loom Suspects still at large/corrupt union officials/ANC government Dock and General Workers Union Potso Johannes Ntsepo was murdered, allegedly because he was prepared to stand up to the corrupt leadership of deregistered union SEIU. Ntsepo is not the first shop steward to have died in the battle for democratic and accountable unionism in the port. Dockers face a perilous situation since SATAWU has been deregistered. Officials are scrambling to find labour brokers who are prepared to take over its members. All the container terminal workers were reallocated to different brokers. P&O and Port Marine have retrenched all their permanents. Portnet management is accelerating total casualization by forcing the use alone of ‘empowerment’ brokers who do not employ permanents. The dock privatisation bill is being rushed through parliament.
 26 February 2003 Guinea-Bissau Strike Government Public Sector Public sector workers who had not been paid for 12 months embarked on a five day strike. Workers demanded free medical care and food subsidies.
26 February 2003 Kenya Protest March Government Former Street Children 200 youths marched for immediate admission to schools and tertiary institutions, and against continued retention in a overcrowded hall with little food. Children angered that promises to take them to training institutions did not materialize, after they were removed from the city centre by government.
 26 February 2003 Johannesburg,Inner City, South Africa  Eviction ANC Council Residents of Olympia and Sunleigh court in Yeoville More than 200 people tried to resist eviction from two buildings. The Olympia block in Yeoville had been abandoned by an absentee landlord and “slumlords” had taken over and sold it. Sunleigh Court in Braamfontein has no running water or electricity..
27 February 2003 Central African Republic Truck Drivers Strike Government Syndicale des conducteurs de Centrafrique Workers ended their 35-day strike in protest against police extortion along the road from the Central African Republic capital to Cameroon. You cannot pass a checkpoint without giving 30 to 40 litres of fuel,” workers said. The Prime Minister promised to “educate” the security forces.
 27 February 2003 Kenya EPZ strike, workers fired Kenya Apparel manufacturers and exporters Association (kamea) and AGOA EPZ workers at ruaraka, Athi River and Industrial Area in Nairobi Hundreds of workers were fired for striking after they claimed they were underpaid and further accused managers of the EPZ companies of harassment, gender discrimination and failure to pay allowances on time. Some factories closed down, but re-opened soon after with new workers.
 27 February 2003  Mauritius Hunger Strike White Sand Tours Ltd (Part of Ireland blythe group)  Private Enterprises employees Union 59 drivers on strike after bosses unilaterally introduced flexitime so as to pay less overtime. 39 fired, so 6 plus two unionists on hunger strike for one week. Wives led daily protests with pancartes in front of Government House.
 27 February 2003 Khayelitsha, South Africa Protest March ANC Peoples Power Secondary School teachers and Students 1800 teachers, students and members of the community marched on the Department of Education demanding that the school be registered and get textbooks, desks, and stationery. Two weeks later the Department agreed to register the school.
 27 February 2003 Johannesburg, South Africa Bus Drivers Strike Metrobus privatised bus company S.A Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU) 400 bus drivers from the privatised bus company went on a strike against the unilateral imposition of a 16 hour shift.
 28 February 2003 Mauritius Demonstration in Factory yard Texel Knitwear Ltd (Ex Bonair) Mauritius Trade Union Congress Workers put on to “technical stoppage” for lack of new orders, fear factory closure.
 28 February 2003 Zimbabwe Retrenchments Threatened Tobacco Growers Trust (TGT) and Mugabe Regime Workers TGT wants government to approve a new system where tobacco farmers would sell directly to buyers as opposed to the auctioning system will lead to retrenchments on the auctioning floors which will be turned into warehouses. Shows clearly that the interests of the white farmers and Mugabe regime are both anti-worker!
 28 February 2003 Mauritius Protest for Higher Pensions Government Association of Veterans Over a hundred very old people held street demonstration for war veterans’ pensions increase. Demonstration by ex-combatants from 2nd World War.
 02 March 2003 Mombasa, Kenya Strike Group4 Security multinational Workers Strike started over frequent dismissals by the security firm management and workers having to work as casuals for many years. Workers demanded the removal of two managers.
 03 March 203 Uganda Call for a general strike  Ugandan Tea Association (UTA) Uganda plantation Workers Union Workers say the company pays below the poverty line.
 05 March 2003 thembelihle, South Africa Evictions and Red Ants Defeat Red Ants Landless People Movement Hundreds of notorious Red Ants (Wozani Security) were beaten off after trying to forcibly remove thousands of people from their homes. Further confrontations expected, as the Red Ants normally return to the scene to try again.
 05 March 2003 Johannesburg, South Africa charges dropped against Kensington 87 ANC  Anti Privatisation Forum The magistrate dismissed all charges against the activists who were jailed for two weeks after disconnecting the Mayor of Johannesburg’s water almost one year ago.

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